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The Lavender Soul Series

What started as doodling and random word association during cast notes after a rehearsal turned into a full blown obsession. I made a world around the character Vera Xochiquetzal of Adowa, a 16 year old who has been isolated from the world because her lavender eyes mean she is supposed to vanquish all evil. Only one problem, she thinks it is a big load of smelly excrement. 


After a fairy astral projects to take a look at Vera, her warrior handler Yateem and her have to start an adventure through the world of Zerahlinda, battling beasties and the stalking presence of evil that wants Vera as its own. 


The Lavender Soul

I had every intention of Vera's story being a stand alone novel, but Draven had other plans. Once The Lavender Soul was printed, and people started to talk about the world and my beasties Draven got jealous. 

This is Draven's story. He too was born with lavender colored eyes, and made the decision to lean into his darkness. In this novel I got to explore the world of Zerahlinda's history. I also got to dive into how to create a child villain. Buckle up, this is a dark story of self discovery. Draven is a creepy kid...I love him so much, and I truly hope he creeps you out. 

The First Soul


About Me

I was born with words that cannot contain themselves within my body. 

The written word has always been my way to interact with the world. As a child I would get so mad that I could not speak. I would write a letter to my parents, stomp back into the room and throw it at them. Yes, they do still have these scathing letters about the importance of me getting a hedgehog. 


My words became my escape, and my building blocks. I created worlds, creatures, villains to conquer, and princes to save (never been the damsel in distress kind of girl).  


Now I am taking that leap, that desperate jump, to clear the abyss of an artist's self conscious doubt so that I can share the words I have been given. 



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