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Vera was born with lavender eyes, portending she will be the annihiliation of evil...or the impetus of world-consuming darkness. This prophesy thrusts Vera and her warrior guardian Yateem into the world she has been hidden from her entire life. A world of astral projecting fairies, extraordinary beasts, a beguiling shapeshifter, and The Dark One searching for Vera, hunting for The Lavender Soul. 

Signed Copy of The Lavender Soul

SKU: 9780999729809
  • By ordering your book here today, the author will personalize and sign the novel to you, or whomever you would like. 

  • Because this is a special event that the author will be personally signing each novel, we cannot except returns. If the book(s) are severely damaged in shipping, please contact us, and we will do what we can. 

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